Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hot Water. Please.

This has nothing to do with school. Well it does in that it is a pain in the arse to get ready to get to school at the moment.

Our hot water system shit itself. Just gave up the ghost, kicked the bucket, just stopped making hot water. We live in the tropics. You would think this is not a problem. But it is. Apparently, rumour has it, that if you live in a certain climate for 5 years or something similar, your body adjusts and either thins or thickens your blood as necessary. As such I can quite happily roast, swelter and gain unattractive and equally unladylike sweat stains and feel nothing more than mere discomfort. But don't make me have a cold shower. I swear it is like preparing my body for cryogenic freezing or whatever the hell John Wayne had done to come back from the dead one day when they can fix whatever it was that he died from.

Now that's established what to do about no hot water? Although my House Pet is in a trade of some description, plumbing is not it and I think we all know, universally, that tradesmen are Not Reliable. In either actually arriving or the quality of work once arrived. So realising that this may need a somewhat long term (anything more than 1 cold shower requires a long term solution as far as I’m concerned), HP went looking for solutions. And found the camp shower. The camp shower is a complicated bag of tricks comprising of a battery pack - as in car battery - alligator clips, what I can only assume is a pump, a couple of cords, wires and a shower head. So all of that, combined with a bucket, and the 2L kettle of hot water boiled and emptied into said bucket twice then filled with cold water, and we are ready to get clean. Needless to say getting clean has been a rather traumatic experience, now add to that getting clean AND being on time? Well lets just say that teaching is a trade. And like all good tradesmen, I am sticking true to form and am having difficulty arriving on time to anything and when I'm there I may or may not do what I'm meant to and will probably send a bill home with my kids stamped with “Payment required before any work to commence”.


D-HOR said...

OH ughhh right? My pipes froze a couple weeks ago and I tried to bathe from gallons of bottled water - so. not. warm. Do you belong to a gym? You could take showers there, I did.

OKAY - And your "House Pet" Is that like your boyfriend? I'm new here so I don't know, but if you just called your boyfriend a "house pet" then I'm laughing. Okay I'm giggling anyways at just the thought of it. Too funny :)

Ms Anonymous said...

My House Pet is my husband. So perhaps that should be Mr House Pet? Mostly he is trained, but not quite broken.

And no...No Gym...Perhaps now is the time to join?