Saturday, March 29, 2008


In no order, here is a list of things shitting me this week.

  • I don't like or trust my boss. When I first met him I thought a used car salesman had stumbled into our school.
  • The moron from the rich school trying to tell me about how shockingly dumb her Ben or Bruce or Bill or whatever the hell his name was, to make herself look like she was a saint for dealing with it. When I said I have 24 of your Ben/Bruce/Bills and they don't speak English she told me it wasn't a competition. Really? No shit. Well fuck off and stop trying to get sympathy out of me you arse clown.
  • People asking me when we are going to have kids. We've been married for, umm.... like 12 weeks now.
  • Liars. But they shit me full stop all the time.

Ok, that was a surprisingly small list considering the rage blackouts I have been having of late.

Things not shitting me this week.

  • I didn't get knocked off by an axe murderer in my sleep. Always a plus.


DJ Kirkby said...

Hello again!!! Still loving your posts... You express many of my thoughts succinctly and I get to laugh at the same time, bonus! Your blog makes me soooo grateful that I teach adults.

DJ Kirkby said...

P.S does that mean your are Mrs Anonymous now? Well I have put you on my blogroll as Mrs anyway!

Ms Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by dj! And thanks for adding me to your blog roll! I've always wondered what the etiquette is there, I have some marvellous bloggers that I would love to add but wasn't sure what the dealio is. If I can add away then that makes me happy.

And yes I spose it does mean that I'm a Mrs now, but I liked my name so I didn't change it. You may call me Mrs all you like!

Peace out G, word to your mutha.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hey Mrs A, I think the etiquette is: add anyone you like and then go tell them you've done so. Good way to increase your blog cred and traffic! As you can see from my blogroll, I spend far too much time reading blogs and those are just the ones I read frequently enough to put on the list! Such a saddo...

Ms Anonymous said...

Noooo! No Saddo, you are a sweetie!